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Premier Men

Our Premier Men's squad, encompassing the 1st and 2nd XIs currently play in Cricket Wellington's Premier and Reserve grade competitions. 

The Premier Men's Squad features a good mix of young talent, experienced club cricketers, four current Wellington Firebirds and our very own Black Cap in Tom Blundell. The side is coached by Ivan Tissera.

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Karori Cricket Club currently has  three T20 sides playing in various grades of the Cricket Wellington club T20 competition.

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Silly Nannies - T20 Division 2

Established in 2017, the Nannies were made up of the Western Suburbs under 85 rugby team with a few ring ins. It took the team a few seasons to remember how to play cricket, but they eventually won the Div 3 grade in 2019. They were promoted to Div 2 the next year, then lost half of the team to the seniors and only managed to win 2 games. Sent back to Div 3 for a re building phase only taking a few years winning last years div 3 grade.

The team has the BBQ going every Saturday and it gets quite competitive for the best barbie. There's also a Nannie of the game. Ones to watch are last season's top batter - Rob Newson, adn top bowler - Jack Breen. 

Wildcats - T20 Division 1

The collective noun for a group of wildcats is a 'destruction'. While this fact was unknown to the founding fathers of the team (along with the fundamentals and rules of cricket), the name has become hugely fitting in recent seasons.

The Wildcats aim to play a highly entertaining brand of cricket, with a focus on scoring quickly through big hitting and applying pressure to the opposition with a balanced bowling attack and (occasionally) reliable fielding. While many members of the original and subsequent teams have left to chase the big money playing (drinking) overseas, sound recruitment and player development strategies (fines) have ensured that the team has continued to remain a force in Wellington T20 cricket.

The team is looking to continue its success in the 23/24 Summer having retained most of the squad from the previous season, and while it is fair to say that experience is more prevalent than youth within the current crop of players the will to win remains strong.

The Wildcats. It's a way of life.

Chaos Club - T20 Division 3

Established in late 2020, the Chaos emerged from the COVID wilderness with a random group of misfits that had emailed the club looking for a team. They were out playing together on short notice and scored 283/5 in their first game. Fair to say, they peaked early. 

The Chaos have had their chances to win Div 3 but always seem to have weather or something else pop up in the way. The weekly batting lineup is random (chaos causing) but brings the team together and has everyone involved. 

With our unofficial Hikoki sponsorship, they are hard to miss on the day. With the BBQ going, tunes pumping, and chilly bin full of fizzy lemonades, the Chaos bring the party to Karori cricket!