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Coach Registration and Coaching Courses

NZ Cricket has mandated two requirements for all coaches this season. 

Police Vetting

All coaches of players under 18 years old need to be Police vetted.

Coaching Course

All coaches must complete a cricket coaching course (mostly online) suitable for the grade they are coaching:

Years 2-4            Softball Junior Cricket          Foundation Course, or

Years 5-8            Hardball Junior Cricket        Advanced Foundation Course

Mandatory Requirements

In order to get as many of our coaches through the mandatory requirements as possible, KJCC will run a practical session for the coaching course. Further information on this session will be shared once teams have been confirmed. See our Key Dates page for information.

The online modules need to be completed before you attend the practical sessions so to get started on your registration and online modules please click here.

​​​​​​Foundation Course

This is a free course covering the key aspects of coaching (coaching children for fun and success, managing a group, communication and behaviour, providing feedback, ages and stages of beginner players, basic cricket skills and learning about the Superstar Cricket Academy programme). This course is targeted at coaches both new to the game and with some experience coaching at beginner and junior the level. This course is non-examinable and is run online and can be done by the coach over the period of about an hour. The course provides coaches with a number of the soft skills required for effectively coaching teams at this level. 

  • Consists of 6 modules and includes Superstar Cricket Academy Stage 1 and Stage 2 modules. On completion of the last module (Superstar Cricket Academy Stage 2, the coaches will be able to download a certificate)

  • This course is free of charge.

  • Practical sessions to assist coaches with delivering the Superstar cricket modules will be run by the club.

Advanced Foundation Course

This course consists of online modules and a practical face-to-face module.

The online modules cover many aspects of coaching (role of the coach, selecting a team, developing team values and culture, planning, how to run effective practices, match day routines and tactics, umpiring and scoring).

The practical module consists of skills and drills and coaching experience.

This course is targeted at coaches of the hardball game. The course has a 6-module online component and is non-examinable. The online course focuses on the basic principles of coaching a cricket team and the practical aspect of the course focuses on providing skills and drills that coaches can implement in to their practice sessions. The practical section of the course is run over 3 hours at night and can only be completed once the online module has been done.

  • Consists of 6 x online modules and 1 x practical module.

  • Coaches must complete the online modules before attending the practical module.

  • Once the practical module is complete the coaches complete a question online whereby they identify 2 or 3 coaching aspects they will work on through the season.

Development Course

The Development Course replaces the Level 1 Coaching Course. The new course will be a blended course, consisting of both online and practical modules. It is targeted at coaches who are coaching players in youth club or secondary school teams. Coaches of players in Year 7 or Year 8  are also eligible to attend.

If you would like to attend this course, register by following this link:

There is a field in the registration form ‘Coaching Level’ – you should select Youth/Secondary (Development).

Following approval from Cricket Wellington, coaches will be able to access the online development modules and resources. You will also be notified through the coaching database about the times and venues for the practical modules.