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Spirit of Cricket

Our Player Values

Fun first and continuously learning - our players play to have fun and enjoy cricket. Our players listen to learn and look for opportunities to enhance and develop their skills. They're supported to try new things and take risks. When things don't go to plan, they reflect on what they can do differently next time and stay positive. 

Integrity and respect - our players play with integrity and respect and display these qualities on and off the field. They acknowledge excellent play by teammates and the opposition and keep their comments positive. They respect all officials, the opposition, and supporters. 

Be your best - our players are encouraged to be their best, setting goals and contributing to the team. Our players demonstrate a team first attitude. 

Spirit of Service – our players are encouraged to support one another and help each week with setting up the field to play, supporting younger players and giving back where they can.

KCC Player, Caregiver and Supporter Code of Conduct

Players, parents and supporters are required to read and follow our Code of Conduct.


  • Enjoy participating - kids play sport to have fun!

  • Be prepared to participate - including dressing for the weather, sunscreen, hats, remembering gear, etc

  • Participate at the level of age, ability, maturity and interest

  • Participate according to the rules, play hard but fairly and safely within the spirit of the game

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of achievement, success and belonging

  • Display sportsmanship and team work, tolerate differences, and acknowledge good performance, whether by team mates or opponents

  • Experience skilled, qualified and sensitive leadership by coaches

  • Cooperate and show respect for the coach, team mates, opponents, officials, caregivers and supporters

  • Accept and abide by the decisions of officials without dissent. If necessary, let the captain or coach seek clarification

  • Have opportunities to contribute to leadership and decision-making roles in the team and the competitions in which they participate

  • Have access to and use suitable, good quality equipment and facilities

Caregivers and Supporters

  • Encourage children to participate when they are interested, without forcing them to play

  • Remember children are involved in junior cricket for their own enjoyment not for that of adults

  • Encourage children to play hard but always play by the rules

  • Focus on effort, skill development and performance rather than on the outcome

  • Praise players for the good things they do rather than criticise them for making mistakes or losing

  • Lead by example and display good sportsmanship for players to copy

  • Acknowledge good performance by the players in both teams

  • Be courteous in communication with players, coaches and administrators

  • Respect officials decisions and teach players to do the same

  • Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches and administrators and show appreciation and support for the time, effort and resources they put into junior cricket. Without them, children could not participate

Issues and Complaints

  • In the event of an on-field or off-field issue involving a player or parent from either team, the matter should be brought to the coach or manager of the KJCC team in the first instance.

  • In cases where the coach or manager is unable to resolve an issue brought to them to the satisfaction of all concerned, the coach or manager is to elevate the issue to the KJCC Grade Coordinator.

  • In cases where the KJCC Grade Coordinator is unable to resolve an issue elevated to them to the satisfaction of all concerned, the KJCC Grade Coordinator is to elevate the issue to the KJCC Committee.

  • The KJCC Committee will determine the best course of action for any issue elevated to them. If required, the Chair of the Committee will be responsible for making chair-to-chair contact if the issue involves another club. If required, the Chair of the Committee will be responsible for making contact with Cricket Wellington.


Photo consent policy and disclaimer

  • KJCC may wish to use footage, imagery or verbal content of, or from you to promote our club.

  • Any promotional material that features you or your player will not be sold to any outside agency or person. It will only be used in connection with KJCC, which may include distribution to local clubs, Cricket Wellington or other approved third parties such as sponsors, media and social media. 

  • By registering for KJCC, you are providing permission for the player registering to be featured in any KJCC publicity material and publications. 

  • If you have any questions, please contact the KJCC committee chair.