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Coaches and Managers

KCC encourages caregivers and supporters to get involved and volunteer. We have a focus on strong and supportive leadership as we help our players develop their skills on and off the field and foster a lifelong love of cricket.

Coaches and managers don't need to have a strong background in cricket, but being enthusiastic, inclusive, and encouraging to help grow our players is a must.

Mandatory requirements for coaches

  1. All coaches of players under 18 years old must be Police vetted
  2. All coaches must complete a cricket coaching course (online modules and in person) tailored to the grade they're coaching

You can find out further information about the requirements for coaches and courses here.

Cricket Wellington and New Zealand Cricket provide coaches and managers with access to free content to support players and skills development. 


Scoring provides caregivers and supporters a fantastic opportunity to learn more about cricket and support the team each week. We encourage lots of caregivers to get involved and learn to score, so that scoring can be shared each week.

All hard ball grades, Year 5 and above are required to use PlayHQ to score.

Soft ball grades can download and use printed scoresheets.

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