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Harry Gibbons has just completed a comprehensive review of the last twenty five years activities within the club.  You can read Fighting the Good Fight - The Ongoing Tale of the Unicorn by clicking here.

At our 1980 centenary celebrations and due to the vision of our president at the time, the late Ian Nimmo, The Karori Cricket Foundation was formed. Designed to promote cricket in the Karori area at both junior and senior level, the Foundation has had a major impact on the development of the Karori Cricket Club over the last 25 years. It has fostered cricket in the arena and provided financial assistance to both clubs in times of need.

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It was an outstanding 2010-2011 season for the Pearce Cup side. Not only did we win the overall PearceCup but we also managed to win the Premier Twenty20 title and the Premier One Day title. This meant itwas a clean sweep of titles in Wellington club cricket; this is the fi rst time in Wellington club cricket historythat the “treble” has been won by one club. This was well deserved as we were clearly the best team in thecompetition in any format we played. This is evidence by being so far out in front with the points we hadright the way through.We struggled at Nationals as the triumph of winning the Pearce Cup was not far from our minds; couplethis with having to play nine days of cricket on the trot. Everyone was mentally and physically very tired. Wetried our hardest but lost three close games which meant we were fi fth in the competition and the fi fth bestone day side in New Zealand.Next season we have the distinction of defending the above three titles in what was an even better seasonthan the previous years. Last season we won two titles, this season we won three titles and it was the fi rsttime Karori have won the Senior Championship (Pearce Cup) in twenty four years and to beat EasternSuburbs who had won it nine times in a row made it all the more satisfying. Last season was said to be thebest Ktown season ever but I think this season we toppled that again. We have set the bar very high fornext year where we will once again strive for all four titles.My thanks to Frosty, Jeffy, and Alan for your support during the season and always being on hand to assistwhere required. All our supporters for putting up with us and giving us that boost from the sideline thanksalso.A massive thanks to the players for what will live in our memories forever, an unforgettable season wherewe reached great heights!

Glenn Pocknall, Coach