KCC Dream Team - Simon Baker

KCC Dream Team - Simon Baker

18 Jan 2018

A new monthly feature sees Karori players choose the best XI players they have played with at KCC. To get the ball rolling we hit up none other than Club Legend Simon Baker:

  1. Stephen Murdoch

    An obvious choice as opener given Stove has churned out the runs for years, also at his peak he was a quirky bowler who when used wisely reaped rewards. Always a contributor whether on and off the field, in the bar or the cordon. 
  2. Marc Ellison

    Marc only played a few seasons for KCC, but he was a classy opener and sensational fielder. Marc was a great thinker of the game and was a very useful off spinner. He also brought some good humour and impersonations to the changing room (which made up for his below par form at the bar) 
  3. Jakob Bhula

    A bolter in my team at 3 given Jakob is new to KCC. However his performances to date have been out of this world and I was asked to pick this team the day after he scored 180 (the highest ever score) in the U19 CWC. I expect Jakob to push on into the Firebirds the BC's and the bar. 
  4. Simon Allen (c)

    Jr was a tough cricketer and a class act with bat and although his time at KCC was shortened by injury, Uni and travel he scored two of the best 100's I've witnessed including his 200 at Nationals. Simon has a great cricketing brain, a top class keeper and a strong leader who'd captain my XI. Also a great contributor off the field and on tour. 
  5. Tom Blundell (k)

    T Bag has been with KCC for around 10 years now and his class has long been obvious with the bat, ball, gloves and in the field. One of the most driven cricketers whose dedication and work ethic now quite rightly has him in theFirebirds, BC's and my XI. 
  6. Richard Petrie

    Peaches is one of the mentally toughest cricketers ever with an immense will to fight and win. A devastating bully with either the bat, ball or food. Not one of our MVP's anywhere near the bar but a "must have" in any on or off field banter. 
  7. Evan Grey

    As with Peaches, EJ oozed fight and loves winning and he could win any game with the bat or ball. I don't recall EJ's fielding or off field contributions being of note, however I did play alongside EJ well past his heyday (still dominating well into his twilight years)
  8. Jarred Sewell

    Lugsy is the ideal clubman. Always available and during his 10 years has played 200+ KCC matches. He's developed into one of the most consistent run scorers and wicket takers in my time and has a unique way of riling the opposition into mistakes. He's served on the committee over a number of years and is a MVP off field and on tours. 
  9. Harry Boam

    It's highly unlikely that we'll ever find out how good Harry could of been or how far he might of taken his cricket but Harry's all round talent, athleticism and professionalism I believe in time would of seen him represent NZ. Retired well before his peak both on and off the field. 
  10. Neil Martin

    Joining KCC as an 18 year old pro from Middlesex and never went home. Nelly is a fast bowler turned opening batsman / off spinner / MVP tourist who at the peak of his bowling ability would be opening the bowling in my side. Crazy to imagine him batting at 10... as he's also become a highly destructive and proven hitter. 
  11. Lee Edwards

    Tiger is your worst nightmare if your an opposition batsman in Wellington Club cricket. A fierce fighter with uncanny consistency and ability with the ball, Lee was the best opening bowler of his generation within the Pearce Cup. Along with his bowling, he was very capable with the bat and could hit the ball a long way (or battle till the end) and was a gifted fielder. 


There are of course notable exclusions including a few who have represented NZ, however I've picked the team based on performances and or ability whilst representing KCC alongside me.